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Automatic Fedding System

black wire cloth

Black Wire Mesh

Quick Details:
    • Usage: automatic feed chicken
    • Material: High quality galvanized steel
    • Lifespan: More than 10 years.
    • Feature:Anti-rust,anti-corrosion
    • Fitting:  Feeding trolley,and head and end frame, Feed conveying and dispensing device, Silo, Auger type feed uploading device for silo.
    • Weight: 5--20 t
    • Package: standard packing or as your requirement
    • Delivery time:Within 25 days after deposit.




What is automatic feeding system in poultry farm?It is a high-efficiency, reducing 80% labor cost and automatic system to

feeding chicken, chicken food will add in feeding hopper by workers or by automatic conveying pipe or by feed silo, hoppers

with its frame will go and come back from beginning of chicken cage to the end under electricity, normally one row of chicken

cage, one system of automatic feeding hopper system.It normally is installed based on “ A” type or “ H” type of chicken cage.

Automatic Fedding System Specification:


Fitting Motor, hopper, hopper frame with tracking and assistant fittings
Automatic working 1 rows /1 set
Power 1.5KW
Voltage 380V