Barbed wire application

2017-11-09 15:13 by qunkun
Various countries in the world have widely used Barbed wire in military heavyweights, prisons, government agencies, banks, walled living quarters, private houses, villa walls, windows and doors, expressways, railings and border lines to protect the security.
Barbed wire in everyday life Although there is no protective fence, fence and other products widely used, we can not say the application of stabbed nets is very small,
Because of its scope of application is more subtle or sophisticated. Like what jail knife gill nets, the battlefield gill nets and airport knife gill nets are all uncommon
See the protective requirements of the place. After all, we knife gill nets belong to the aristocracy in the screen.
  Today we will explore the application of knife gill nets a more common application, that is, covering a very large area along the railway network applications - knife
Throng cage. Gill nets in the railway fence on the application is very large. The proportion of the purchase of the product is very heavy. General knife gill nets on the railway
Protective fence are used on the diameter of 50cm bto30 blade gill nets.
This stabbed net is also called Thorn cage, mainly including razor wire, thorn rope, and brackets. After installation has a good deterrent effect, and can play
The same effect than the product cost is much higher. The main production process is hot-dip galvanized steel or stainless steel stamping a sharp blade,
Then by the high-tension galvanized steel or stainless steel wire to do the combination of core protection products.

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