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Broiler Feeding Line

black wire cloth

Black Wire Mesh

Quick Details:
    • Usage: For broiler farms besides broiler cage
    • Main parts:spiral,feed pipe,feed pan,motor,hopper and so on
    • Material:PP
    • Lifespan:10 years
    • Advantage:  Full automatic operated for broiler, breeding birds ; Can be adjusted according to different day age of chickens ; Saving feed, less manpower and cost ; Easier to install and use
    • Package: Carton box ; Plastic bag ; Other fittings in bulk
    • Delivery time:Within 25 days.




It is right suitable for broiler farms besides broiler cage, the feeding and drinking line could adjust the height following the

chicken age, more efficiency and saving labor cost than the traditional broiler feeding which is by manual feeder and drinker.
1. Automatic feeding line: Chicken food in hopper are delivered to each feeding pan by motor and the material level sensor

automatically controls motor opening and closing
2. Automatic drinking line: Water pipe supplies water, water flows to chicken mouth by chicken touching.

Broiler Feeding Line Specification:


Feed Pan Parameter
Specification 14Grills/28Grills
Material ABS
Diameter 34×30cm
Color Red&Yellow
Depth Of Threshold 5.5cm