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Brooder Heater

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Quick Details:
    • Usage: Deep liter rearing and cage rearing
    • Size: 50*50*18cm
    • Material: Aluminum alloy, carbon fiber heating tube
    • Weight: 7.5kg
    • Voltage: 220V/50Hz
    • Power: 1200-2700W.
    • Temperature: 1-99
    • Delivery time: Within 15 days.




Brooder heater is a newest automatic breeding heating equipment, adopts hanging type design, it is suitable for both deep liter rearing and cage rearing. Microcomputer temperature control, temperature can be adjusted 1-99 degrees, automatic shut off

beyond setting temperature, recover warming below 2 degrees of setting temperature.

Brooder Heater Specification:


Material Aluminum alloy, carbon fiber heating tube
Size 50*50*18cm
Weight 7.5KG
Voltage 220V/50HZ
Power 1200-2700w
Temperature 1-99
Application Chicken, duck, pigeon and quail, pig etc brood heating