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Usage of perforated metal mesh

2018-01-31 17:43 by qunkun
Perforated metal mesh can be used for building ceilings, wall panels of sound-absorbing material; can be used for building stairs, balconies, green tables and chairs of the beautifully decorated orifice; can be used for mechanical equipment, protective cover, gorgeous speaker net cover, food, feed, mining Of the sieve, the sieve, the word sieve, kitchen equipment with stainless steel fruit blue, food hood, fruit plate and other kitchen utensils, and shopping malls with the shelf network, decorative sales station, grain storage ventilation network, football lawn seepage filter Water filter. Punching net is also widely used in the electronics industry, such as audio dust cover and so on.
Perforated metal mesh with most of the raw materials: stainless steel, low carbon steel, galvanized PVC cold rolled coil.
For Perforated metal mesh ,types are divided into: pattern punching network, forming punching network, special thick punching network, special thin punching network, microporous punching network, line cut punching network. Laser punching network and so on.
Hole, hole, hole, hole hole, round hole, hexagonal hole, cross hole, triangular hole, long hole, long waist hole, plum blossom hole, fish hole, pattern hole, pentagonal star hole, irregular hole , From the drums and so on.
Perforated metal mesh can be used to cross the urban areas of the highway, railways, subways and other traffic municipal facilities in the environmental noise control barrier, building wall, generator room, factory buildings, and other noise sources sound insulation board noise reduction, can be used Buildings of the ceiling, wall panels of sound absorption.

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