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Chicken cage production methods, how to do chicken cage?

2017-10-31 16:14 by qunkun

Chicken cage is one of the indispensable equipment among chicken production, and if the chicken grows healthy, the choice of chicken cage is very important. The chicken cages used in laying hens, broilers and chicks are different. In addition to purchasing in the market In addition, you can also make their own chicken cage, which can also reduce the cost of chicken cages.
Egg laying cage
Canned eggs are generally used in laying hens 141 days to the end of the egg, each single cage length of 400 mm, 450 mm deep, 450 mm high before, after the high 380 mm, cage at the end of the degree of 7.5 degrees. Open before the cage. Cage mesh spacing by 22 mm, latitude spacing 60 mm, the top side, rear mesh aperture of the larger range, can be flexible to master, but the side of the hole diameter is best for high 25-30 mm, width 40-50 mm, Because this kind of cell can prevent the chicken between the chicken pecking, each single cage can raise 3-4 chicken, cage body height of 1.7 meters wide 210-240 mm wide.You may like layer cage.
Broods are generally used for chicks 140 days before the use of the general use of 3-4 layers of overlapping cage, the total length depending on the size of feeding, cage height of 100-150 mm feet, each cage cage length of 700 -1000 mm, cage height 300-400 mm, cage depth 400-500 mm. The mesh of the cage is rectangular or square, the diameter of the bottom net is 12.5 mm, the diameter of the side net and the top net is 25 mm, the cage door is in front, and the cage clearance is adjustable in the range of 20-35 mm. About 30 chicks, the overall width of 1.6-1.7 meters.You may like chick cages.
Breeding cages
Cage is generally used in chickens 41 to 140 days of age, are 3 layers. Height of 1.7-1.8 meters, each single cage length of 800 mm, 400 mm high, deep 420 mm. Cage bottom mesh 20-40 mm, cage top, side, rear mesh diameter of 25 mm, cage door width 140-150 mm, 3-4 layers overlap, each single cage can be tolerated into a young 7-15.
Cocktail cage
The broiler cage is a three-dimensional cage, cage structure and breeding density and breeding cage similar, and some farms using flat net feeding effect is also very good.
Because the chicken cage and chicken growth and development are closely related, so a reasonable and scientific chicken cage conducive to the growth and development of chickens, so from the chicken cage design, materials, maintenance, disinfection, ventilation, erection, etc. should be considered full.