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Daily maintenance and maintenance for chicken cage

2017-11-27 18:04 by qunkun
     Routine maintenance of the cage is the basic equipment maintenance work, we must be institutionalized and standardized. Periodic inspection equipment is a planned preventive examination, means of inspection in addition to human senses, but also have some inspection tools and equipment, according to the regular inspection card implementation, regular inspection Some people also known as regular inspection. Inspectors should check the accuracy of machinery and equipment to determine the actual accuracy of the equipment to the extent of the regular maintenance and repair work to develop work quotas and material consumption quotas, and to assess the amount of fixed equipment maintenance should be included in the workshop Contract responsibility system assessment content.
     Inside and outside of the cage must be clean, the chips around the cages, debris, dirt to clean; tools, attachments, workpieces (products) to be neatly placed, pipes, lines should be organized; Cages lubrication is better, you must refuel or change oil on time, continuous oil, no dry friction phenomenon, normal oil pressure, not overload the use of equipment, equipment, safety protection device is complete and reliable, bright oil lines, smooth flow of oil, oil meet the requirements , Oil gun, oil cup, linoleum cleaning; You should ensure that all sliding surfaces, lead screws, rack, gearbox, oil holes and other places without oil, all parts of the oil, airtight, to comply with safety rules, and promptly eliminate the unsafe factors.
Cages should be maintained according to maintenance procedures. Equipment maintenance procedures is the daily maintenance of equipment requirements and regulations, adhere to the implementation of equipment maintenance procedures, you can extend the service life of equipment to ensure safe and comfortable working environment. Its main contents should include:
1, checking and assessing the content and methods of maintaining the degree of equipment by the worker.
2, routine inspection and maintenance and periodic inspection of the site, methods and standards;
3, equipment to achieve neat, clean, sturdy, lubrication, anti-corrosion, safety and other operating content, methods of operation, the use of tools and materials, to achieve the standards and precautions.