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Fly Screens & Plastic Mesh

Plastic insert screen 
Material: high-density polyethylene wire 
Wire diameter: 0.15mm-0.23mm 
Width: 1m,1.2m,1.5m 
plain weave:
1.window screening/plastic insert screen/fly screen
2.Material: high-density polyethylene wire
3.Wire diameter: 0.15mm—-0.23mm
4.Width: 1m,1.2m,1.5m
5.Mesh: 12×12, 14×14, 16×16. 18×18. 22×22. 24×24,28 x28,30 x30 etc
6.Color: blue,green,white,black,yellow,red etc
7.Weaving and characteristics: plain weave, lightweight, beautiful generous,acido resistance, corrosion-resistance, drafty,easy wash, low cost etc.
8.Use:Hotel,civil buildings,flies and mosquitoes resistance, and also can be used for agriculture, aquaculture fence, and made food cover.