How to prevent the collapse of the reservoir by the protection net of the Gabion box?

2018-01-30 11:59 by qunkun
After the reservoir has gone through the wind and rain, the water scour, there will be the danger of the bank collapse after a long time, so let's tell you how to prevent the bank from collapsing.
According to the bank collapse to distinguish: due to differences in Reservoir Shoreline across the shore field geological conditions, resulting in different types, scale and mechanism of rib collapse, so the collapse treatment engineering should have strong pertinence, not blindly blindly carry out or take some prevention engineering measures should be the right remedy, comprehensive governance.
The protective net of stone cage can be used to protect the embankment, or to protect the whole river bed and riverbank, and it is suitable for the river with relatively slow slope. In order to design the dry water level, the upper part is the slope protection project and the lower part is the foot protecting project. Slope protection project is renovation of the original slope after laying slope filter layer and surface layer structure of eco grid mat, to prevent water erosion and wave impact, the changes of water level and groundwater erosion damage to the slope surface leakage; foot protective engineering with anti shock material cast on the bottom of the slope near the river bed. Forming a protective layer to prevent the scour, protection embankment foundation to achieve. The biggest advantage of green bin system is its ecology. Its interior is filled with natural stone. There are gaps between stones. It allows plants to grow in them, and it can also sow suitable plants on them, which has double functions of engineering slope protection and plant slope protection. Eco grid mat for height in combination of 15cm ~ 50cm, is divided into multi box with mesh spacing.

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