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Seven uses of welded wire mesh

2017-12-11 17:33 by qunkun

Welded wire mesh is widely used, as large as construction, as far as farming and planting are common. Welded wire mesh welded with low carbon steel, after a different surface treatment (galvanized, PVC, etc.) can be processed into hot-dip galvanized welded wire mesh, cold galvanized welded wire mesh, dip welded wire mesh. The company is located in:

Welded wire mesh Specific use:

1 The construction industry, small wire welded wire mesh are mostly used for thermal insulation cracking wall, the inner (outside) plaster wall hanging screen, the specifications use more 0.3-0.9mm wire diameter, mesh 1 / 2,3 / 4,1,2-inch. Insulation welded wire mesh wall by: 0.3-0.5mm, thermal insulation of the wire diameter: 0.5-0.7mm.

 2 breeding industry foxes, minks, chickens and pigeons pigeons and other poultry farming for the pen homes, use 2mm wire diameter, 1-inch mesh, the special specifications can be customized.    

3 agricultural crops pens, with a circle of welded wire mesh, which put corn, commonly known as corn nets, ventilation performance, saving floor space. Coarse wire diameter. The company is located in.

4 industry for filtering, isolated fence.  

5 transport industry roads, road construction on both sides, dip welded wire mesh and other accessories, welded wire mesh fence and so on.  

6 Steel structure Mainly set off insulation cotton, used for roof insulation, commonly used 1,2-inch mesh, wire diameter of about 1mm, width 1.2-1.5 meters.

7 rockery rockery plastic plaster, multi-use 6mm mesh coal support network.



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