Palisade Fence

black wire cloth

Black Wire Mesh

Quick Details:
    • Usage: providing a high level of security to the boundary line of any property.
    • Material: hot dipped galvanized or powder coated
    • MOQ: 50 sets
    • Color: Black,red,yellow,dark green,blue etc.
    • Type:Fencing, Trellis & Gates
    • Width: 2m-3m
    • Length: 1m-5m
    • Packing:Palisade fence panels and post angle rail are packed in pallet, then wrapped with plastic film.
    • Delivery Time: 15-25 days after receiving the deposit



Palisade fence panel is the most popular choice for locations requiring a higher level of security and vandal resistance. Steel

palisade fencing is especially popular for schools and industrial sites because of its high damage resistance and the fact that it

is so difficult to climb.Palisade fencing, as effective security fencing, is the widest used type in the world. The forbidding

appearance, inherent strength and high damage resistance make the palisade fencing one of the best choices of premise

protection. Designed with smooth surface, rigidity structure, sharp prongs and narrow pale spacing, the palisade fences are

normally considered to be difficult even impossible to climb, straddle, grab and gain foot-hold. Thereby, it effective deters would to be intruders and trespassers, protects your assets, office and factory from damages. Most of all, the palisade fence can be installed with flexibility to follow the profile of uneven terrains and offers a professional feel to your areas.So the fences are

always close to the ground, no over sized gaps that may cause security issues anymore!

Palisade Fence Specification:


Panel size W PALE section:70mm W Pale section:62mm Rails Post
Heights Post Distance Pale Thickness Qty: Pale Pale Thickness Qty: Pale Cross Rails Height I Post Section
1.8m 2.75m 2/2.5/3mm 17pcs   1.5/2/2.5mm   17pcs 50×50×6mm 2400 100×55mm or 102x44mm
2.1m 2.75m 2/2.5/3mm 17pcs   1.5/2/2.5mm   17pcs 50×50×6mm 2900 100×55mm or 102x44mm
2.4m 2.75m 2/2.5/3mm 17pcs   1.5/2/2.5mm   17pcs 50×50×6mm 3200 100×55mm or 102x44mm
3.0m 2.75m 2/2.5/3mm 17pcs   1.5/2/2.5mm   17pcs 50×50×6mm 3900 100×55mm or 102x44mm
3.6m 2.75m 2/2.5/3mm 17pcs   1.5/2/2.5mm   17pcs 50×50×6mm 4500 100×55mm or 102x44mm