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What you should know about welded wire mesh

2017-11-29 17:28 by qunkun
     Welded wire mesh types: black wire welded wire mesh, galvanized wire welded wire mesh, stainless steel wire welded wire mesh.Welded wire mesh material: The product selection of high-quality low-carbon steel wire, galvanized wire, stainless steel wire, welded by precision automatic welding machine made.
     Welded wire mesh advantages: a solid solder joints, reasonable structure, uniform mesh characteristics such as net formation, solid structure, integrity, with strong corrosion resistance, strength, protection ability.
     Welded wire mesh surface treatment methods: welded mesh forming after electro galvanizing, hot dip galvanizing, spray, dip and other surface passivation, plasticizing treatment.
     Welded wire mesh use: Widely used in industry, agriculture, farming, construction, transportation, mining and so on. Such as construction and pouring, machine guards, animal fence, window guard, channel fence, poultry cage, egg baskets and home office food baskets, paper baskets and decorative. Welded wire mesh sheet can be used in the construction industry for shule board network and partition network can also be used for construction industry floor heating special mesh. Now in many parts of the country is widely used. Welded mesh sheets are the ideal material for new high-rise buildings.
     Welded wire mesh is the wire after welding or braided processing into the mesh
, respectively, wire welding barbed wire, ginning barbed wire, hook barbed wire mesh three.
     Welded wire mesh is the use of high-quality black iron wire (low carbon steel, wire) welded by precision welding equipment is a barbed wire.Ginning and hook flower barbed wire is high-quality black iron wire (low carbon steel wire, wire) through the machine to bend the wire and then woven through the machine, but also wire mesh.Black wire mesh with low prices, durable, easy to use, especially a wide range of features.
     Black wire produced by the network can also be used for secondary processing or deep processing, such as barbed wire can be galvanized, dip, spray, etc., or after cutting bending into a cage, the basket is also an important component of the production of rails section.
     Black wire mesh is widely used in the construction industry, decoration works, fence protection, agriculture and industry.
Welded wire mesh simple dip appearance of processing analysis, thank you for browsing it, I hope this article is helpful to you.

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