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Welded wire mesh panel is an important part of the composition of the fence

2017-12-08 15:42 by qunkun
The most common Double Wire Fence is the use of Double wire welding fence panel as the basic skeleton, and a circular, oval or square column is welded around the edges to make fence mesh; another example is the Netherlands wire mesh fence that is the wave fence is first made into wire mesh, and the column frame is welded around to be used for the fence.
Welded wire mesh panel.
The reason why the welded wire mesh panel to become the main components of the fence, because of the simple structure, beautiful appearance, less timber, high structural stability, low cost of raw materials, is the best cost-effective products.
Fence is a kind of product often encountered in our living environment, which is named according to specific purposes, mainly play a protective, isolated, barrier role. Fence classification of many products, but to say that the most commonly used product type, it belonged to welded wire mesh fence.
Welded wire mesh is the use of wire cross-heated to melt after solidification combined into a solid process, due to the welding process will produce high temperatures and glare, so in the production of welded wire mesh should pay special attention to personal safety.
The most should pay attention to the problem is to prevent the occurrence of electric shock accident, when doing welding operations should wear operating clothes, and sometimes in wet environments may be operating accident may occur in the vicinity of flammable and explosive materials should also pay special attention to fire and explosion, in for the production of welded wire mesh panels to protect the human hand and face vulnerable parts of the safety.
Welded wire mesh products can be used directly in construction, galvanized welded wire mesh is the most widely used range. Its corrosion resistance is the best and integrity is good. It is the best for building external wall insulation.
The performance of welded wire mesh products depends strongly on the choice of wire diameter, the size of the mesh and the width of the wire because the diameter of the wire mesh on these surfaces determines the strength of the wire. The vibrating screen to be used in the welding material is based on the actual work requirements of the use of galvanized steel wire mesh, plastic surface of the plastic coating, etc., to determine the surface properties of the network performance, can be well adapted to a variety of outdoor environment materials, On the surface to resist the resistance of cyber attacks.

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